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Opening for Otep, AGAIN! Last show of 2015

Last time Illumina opened for Otep in Albuquerque was April of 2013 at the now closed-down Hooligans. This time OTEP comes to the Launchpad with friends Reaktion and Downfall 2012. This is set to be the final show for Illumina in 2015 as they prepare to record their first full-length LP in 2016. Locals Feud of Temptation and Throw The Temple are also set to perform. This show will feature Jeska A.D. as the lone vocalist for the first time as Illumina transitions to it's all-clean-singing attack. You can purchase tickets for this show at this location or you can contact the band for pre-sales. \m/ The Reaper A.D. \m/

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