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Illumina A.D. Premiere "Suffer"

Founded by rhythm guitarist Alexander Bane in 2011, Illumina A.D. is a five-piece metal powerhouse hailing from Albuquerque, New Mexico. Their name, which translates to "Light After Death," hints at the group's desire to fuse the brutal with the beautiful.


Illumina A.D. breaks back into the scene in serendipitous fashion. As though this band’s name truly represents the journey traveled across a decade, Light after death.


After a hiatus from the public, founders Alexander Bane and Justin Cavis continued working and in 2019 found their commanding vocalist, Jerry Cappadona Jr.. At that moment, they saw a new direction and rebirth of the fire that pressed the band forward. As the new trio began reworking through some of Alexander’s expansive compositions, new bassist and brother to Jerry, Kenny Cappadona, joined—bringing his wild seven string bass and deeply technical approach to groove with him.


Rounding out this quintet is face-melting melodic-shredmaster, Justin Ennis. The addition of bassist and lead guitar of the highest echelon caliber has completely rounded and filled out Bane’s thrash opuses.


Beneath the growing catalogue of these lifelong musicians is a simmering chaos reined in by front man Jerry Cappadona Jr., bringing a dynamic sense of melody and dramatic flair. The complexity of Bane’s writing is only amplified by the poetry and observations of Cappadona. This first release of this maniacal quintet “Suffer” takes no prisoners and from the first moment grabs at the listener, brash and greedily. Paired with their self-produced video, the song rains dramatically on the viewer with an aural assault and teases of the outright lunacy brought to live stages. “Beautiful and brutal” has been said of this band’s previous incarnations—may have been true before, now as this cadre of madmen there is no doubt. 



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