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Illumina A.D. Open for New Years Day in Albuquerque

It's fall, and the chill isn't the only thing in the air.... heart-pounding drums and heavy guitars can be heard echoing throughout the streets surrounding Albuquerque's Launchpad on a regular basis. However, this midweek metal fest marks the return of Illumina A.D. to Albuquerque's most legendary local stage. The main act for this Wednesday's show, New Years Day, is in the middle of a 3-week, 21-date tour, with tour-mates LYLVC, Illumina A.D. look to use the opportunity to debut their new lineup and release some pent up energy after a 5 year hiatus from LIVE shows. Illumina A.D. released a new music video for their first single since 2014, "Suffer," on September 22nd. You can check it out here:

New Years Day are debuting a new lineup this year, along with their first new single in 3 years, "Hurts Like Hell."

The show is at the Launchpad on Wednesday, October 12 and doors are at 7pm, with Illumina Scheduled to kick off the show at 8pm. Tickets are $15. VIP, Meet and Greet tickets are already sold out. This is an all-ages show. You and find tickets HERE. You can keep up with Illumina A.D. shows by following them on BandsInTown. You can follow New Years Day's Tour on BandsInTown. You can keep up with LYLVC's show dates on BandsInTown.


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