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Illumina A.D. - Tapestry of Lies 
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"Horns Up!!! 10/10"

"This band has created something exciting in a genre that is looking for new sounds and mash-ups to spark new interest in heavy metal....Whoever knew that death metal can sound so haunting yet so beautiful. I look forward to seeing them when they decide to come to Southern California. Until then, this album will get me ready for them. To Illumina, I salute you. Horns up!!! 10/10" - Brandon McCarthy, Standing Room Only Magazine

"5/5 HORNS"

"From its heart pounding drums, pain filled duets, and virtuoso quality guitars, this album encompasses every reason that I am That Metal Fan.... 5/5 HORNS \m/\m/\m/\m/\m/" - Andrew Tanner, Heavy Metal Hitman &

"Unfortunately in recent years, when people think of vampires, they picture pretty sparkling heartthrobs. For us metalheads though, we have a saving grace. ILLUMINA A.D.’s, “BLEED”, is one such example of this salvation." - Andrew Tanner, Heavy Metal Hitman &


"Four Horns!!"

"Illumina seem to have all the talent..."

“Illumina seem to have all the talent that you look for in a band under one umbrella. Powerful screams, searing guitar solos, combined with a strong female vocalist & rhythm section. Nice to see all that talent motivated to do something with it. They demand attention.” - Michael Beck, Producer 

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