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Illumina Organize Benefit Show "Makaylapalooza"

September 23, 2013 started out like a normal day. Stephanie (Makayla’s mother) had to run a few errands so she went to drop off her daughter, Makayla Trogden (18-months old), at the babysitter’s house across the street. No one was home so she brought Makayla back home and asked her boyfriend (David) to watch her (for an hour and a half). Stephanie returned home to find Makayla in her crib, fussing and moaning, she had also thrown up in her crib. David said Makayla fell off the couch and landed on her head. Stephanie took Makayla to Papa’s work to meet him for lunch. When they arrived, Makayla started throwing up and then quickly became unresponsive. Stephanie rushed her to the emergency room at Baptist St. Anthony’s hospital in Amarillo, Texas. They admitted her to the ICU, where they took X-rays and did a CT scan. The results came back, Makayla had endured blunt force trauma to her head causing a fractured skull, blood clot and bleeding of the brain. The doctors took her back to the ICU where they kept her heavily sedated for three days, hoping to keep her injuries from getting worse. On the third day, the doctors started to ease Makayla off of the sedatives and she was able to open her beautiful eyes. The doctors scheduled her first surgery for 1:00pm. Approximately 20 minutes before she was to get prepped for surgery, she had a mini seizure. The doctors stabilized her and then took her into surgery. They removed a piece of her skull, so that her brain could swell without injuring her and they also removed a blood clot. The detectives pulled Stephanie aside to tell her what they found. After two days of questioning, David (the boyfriend) confessed to hurting this precious little girl in the worst way. He said he was angry and pulled her off of the bed by her feet, onto the floor causing her to hit her face and get a bruise on her cheek. She started screaming and crying because she was hurt, so he picked her up. He then got even angrier that she wouldn’t calm down, so while holding her, he grabbed her by the feet and slammed her head first onto the hardwood floor. Almost one week after her surgery, the doctors took Makayla back into surgery and were able to put the piece of skull back in. Makayla remained in the ICU for a month and a half. While she was at the hospital, she had numerous tests done, and several blood transfusions. She was able to go home for four days. While she was at home, her incisions started to ooze really bad, so Stephanie took her back to the hospital. The doctors performed another surgery to figure out what was wrong. They learned that the oozing was from two abscesses that had formed plus Makayla had a staph infection. The doctors cleaned the site and removed the abscesses and cleaned out as much of the infection as they could. They also had to remove a piece of bone and skin behind her ear that had died because it wasn’t receiving enough blood and oxygen. Then they did a skin graph to cover up the hole. The doctors placed a wound vacuum on Makayla’s head to help pull the muscle and tissue back together as well as pull out anything that wasn’t supposed to be in there. They also put her on antibiotics to get rid of the staph infection. She had an allergic reaction that caused a rash, so she had to stay even longer. This precious little girl has been through 14 surgeries, with more to come. UPDATE: Makayla is now in an induced coma because she kept getting an infection around the bone that was replaced and it had to be removed. They are looking for an alternative solution to the problem. But they have to get rid of the infection before that can happen. -With the help of Roman Barham (Launchpad Promoter), Joe Anderson (Venue Owner) and the compassion of local musicians, Illumina has organized "Makaylapalooza" to help raise money for the family of Makayla Trogden to help pay for her enormous medical bills. If you're interested in attending the event, 100% of the proceeds are being forwarded to the family. It's an all-day event featuring 10 Albuquerque bands, dedicated to the cause of the fundraiser for the family: Illumina, Sorry Guero, The Horned God, Ballistic Batz, Friend 2 Foe, Shit Happens Inc., In The End, Banish The Omen, Fade The Sun and Ancient Truth. -You can also donate to the family via their GoFundMe Campaign: -You can share the event with family and friends via this facebook event link: \m/ The Reaper A.D. \m/

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